Sunday, January 10, 2010

Arctostaphylos is love

Finished Back Piece
Originally uploaded by savor_soaps.
I've been going to get a tattoo for ages, and I've only wanted Marie Wadman at Diving Swallow to do it. She's expensive, but VERY GOOD and sympatico with what I want.

I'd been planning on Douglas irises and/or California poppies, two of my favorite wildflowers. But I'm also in love with manzanita. One of my goals this year is to learn to discern each species of manzanita in the greater bay area.

I want California native plants because this is home, where my parents grew up, and I grew up, and my Mom was born, and Grandpa was born, and his parents were born ... back to the 1850s. And we're not beach people or mountain people, we're coastal hills people and sagebrush people and foothills people. My bones are partially made of manzanita wood, I think.

Eventually, my only wishlist item will be a link to a jar where folks can throw pennies at a tattoo fund. Then, when it's full, I'll contact Marie as per her instructions (ping her in fall, she'll get back to you later as she fills up her entire coming year's calendar) and plan my first tattoo.

(Here's the whole manzanita tattoo set from savor_soaps on flickr. I love this.)

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