Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Orphanage Bon Samaritain [03] Croix-Des-Bouques, Haiti

Dear Japan (and Northern Europe, etc.):

Instead of encouraging your citizens to make more babies in an overpopulated world, why not support healthy orphanages and education in impoverished countries, advocate ethical adoption of people from those places by your own people, fight racism at home, and thereby change the shape of your own demographics (so there will be young people to support your currently aging populations) without increasing global population?

Sure, it will dilute your racial stocks, but culture is learned, and you can raise a baby from Somalia or Bangladesh or Peru in your native cultures just fine.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

The American Geological Institute

When the bad guys can't stop giggling:

Rekindling the spark

David E. Guggenheim, The Ocean Doctor, has planned a massive expedition of teaching and discovery.

To celebrate his 50th birthday and awaken wonder about the ocean in children across the country, he intends to visit at least one school in each of the fifty states and the territories of the US to offer presentations, free of charge.

By inviting media and the extended communities of each school into the conversation, and encouraging the schools he visits to connect with each other, he plans to engage young people to develop the same energy students offered during the initial decades of the space program.

He's doing this on his own, but happily welcomes donations from folks who want to help send him on this journey of discovery. I hope it will be fruitful, fulfilling, and exciting for the kids, teachers, and communities -- and also for The Ocean Doctor himself.

More information (and the link to donate) is at The Ocean Doctor's own website.