Saturday, September 12, 2009

Abbey Road from low earth orbit

Lego Crosswalk
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My friend Andy was poking around on the internets and found an interesting google satellite shot:
Abbey Road

Zebra crossings were cutting edge, back then. Now everyone has them.

That's a busy intersection. Wow.

Dry Lightning...

Dry Lightning...
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I was awakened at about 4:00 this morning by thunderboomers and rain. I had to go cover our chickens, who perch on top of their hutch rather than inside, because it's higher, and won't always come in out of the rain.

Huge thunderstorms aren't that common here, and this one wasn't huge, but like too many of ours in the summer, was relatively dry, bringing no relief for the drought, but serious fire danger in our parched mountains.

It the same time, it's amazing and nifty. At our house, most of the thunder was about twenty-blue-tomcats away, and I wasn't one bit concerned. Our noise-phobic dog slept through them.

Avram Cheaney got a fabulous recording of the thunder, and that's what sent me geographile-ward to make this post. Go listen:
THUNDER! (Oh. And car alarms.)

Cory Dalva got a great picture that's too copyrighted to embed.