Saturday, August 04, 2012

evening light on Mission Peak

I love how, in this part of California, a neighborhood can happily contain Washingtonia palms (native to southern California's desert oases), coast redwood (native to the coast from Big Sur to slightly into Oregon), citrus, stone fruit, persimmon, and wild nearby, all the bay laurel and California oaks and endemic California sycamore and walnut and big leaf maple and chaparral plants that have been so well preserved in this less eucalyptusy corner of the bay area.

chatting with a friend

VIDEO0185 a video by marymactavish on Flickr.

.... about our trip with the family, today, on Niles Canyon Historical Railway:

Geographilic bit bolded:

miche: So you spent the time pointing to native plants out the windows while Owen went ZOOOMZZZZZZ
mary: well yes ;) Casey followed the zoomz.
micheinnz: :D
micheinnz: You guys are just SO adorkable, the four of you.
mary: :D
mary: all four grandparents also came along - was awesome :)
mary: must teach kid about native plants :)
micheinnz: Okay then, the eight of you are SO adorkable.
mary: and just in case you thought you were joking
mary: :D