Monday, August 31, 2009

Rambles through our country

Oh, I want to play! The chances of my finding a copy of this game are slim, I know .... but still. What a find.The Library of Congress has the image. I want the *game*.

(The caption says:
From the Popular Graphic Arts Collection at the U.S. Library of Congress....This picture is in the public domain.)

edited to add at 10:26 pm:
Linda says that you can find the maps on ebay, and that the rules are on google books! Yay!


Lightning Rose said...

The largest image at the Flickr link is 6000x4300, which should be good enough to get a usable poster sized print.

Lightning Rose said...

18x24" reprint is $16 through Amazon.

trialsanderrors said...

Thanks for the link! Actually, the original version is 9956x7226 pixels. It was too big to upload on Flickr, but I can post it somewhere if you want to print it out. The map was heavily damaged before I restored it, and I have no idea what state the Amazon version is in.