Friday, May 22, 2009

Michael Palin to head up the RGS!

Well travelled - 105/365
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From Emma Quilligan:
On June 1st, Michael Palin will be named as the new president of the Royal Geographical Society. The former Monty Python star has been travelling the world for more than three decades and says that his love of geography stems from school field-trips as a boy in Sheffield. He may therefore use his new position to promote geography in schools, previously arguing that the subject should be made “relevant, lively, stimulating, adventurous and…fun.


I love what I call "Palin's geography stuff." His *delight* with it -- his response to locals, his enthusiasm, his pure amateur joy at discovery -- is one of those things that helps feed my own, like John McPhee's, or David Attenborough's.


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