Thursday, July 02, 2009

Alpha Centauri can finally see Janet Jackson's nipple

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The Abstruse Goose comic illustrates where the electromagnetic waves we're flung into space are now.

Sadly, folks on the furthest planets haven't yet seen Gilligan's Island. (I assume this means that Thermians come from somewhere near Formalhaut.)

(The big version's back at Abstruse Goose. It'll take you out past Aldeberan.)

(edited to add: This post led to a huge discussion in my house about how long the Thermians would have been able to see our TV shows, how long it took to build the ship, and whether they might have sent probes nearer to us to collect data, then had them return via hyperspace, faster than light, meaning that they would have more information from our TV shows than we realize.)

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