Wednesday, June 24, 2009

stretching the bounds of geographilia

I know this blog is about geography. Every so often I grumble about what the outside edges of "geography" are. It's a broad subject, indeed. Human geography is huge and vague around the edges, physical geography is only slightly more concrete. I love the range of the science.

It really doesn't include astronomy, and I battle with that in my brain, because astronomy fascinates me too.

Steph gets around it with her blog title, Adventures in Earth and Space, as she's a geologist who works with NASA.

I throw up my hands here, I don't care, because I want to share with you these children's drawings:

Astronomy des petites - Kids' astronomy

I do not promise I will never say anything about astronomy again.

(click through the photo to see the whole set on flickr)

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