Monday, May 25, 2009


"A group of high profile New Zealanders talk about climate change and why they Signed On at to ask NZ Prime Minister John Key to go to Copenhagen to Sign NZ On to 40 per cent emissions reduction by 2020."


It's so necessary.

Population control has to be part of it.

Clean energy has to be part of it.

Personal sacrifice must be part of it.

But 40% still seems like so very much.

How can we do it, really?

"Sign on" -- Okay. Now what?

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Chris said...

There's simply no way New Zealand could afford to do that. But that's an aside to how we could (I'm a Kiwi in case anyone was wondering).

Reducing the New Zealand CO2 emissions by 40% would actually be relatively easy if you had the cash - convert the car fleet to either electric or biodiesel (we've easily got enough farmland to grow the biodiesel crops) and limit the dairy industry to X number of cattle nationally (dairy farming is probably one of the biggest ecological disasters to ever occur in New Zealand, but that's a slightly different debate). Improving public transport in our major cities would also help (Wellington needs a light rail system in the CBD and Auckland's transport problems may be easier to solve upon the creation of the Auckland "super city".

Also, a strict control on population is essential. Even though this would be the difficult sacrifice part. Tune immigration (which we have quite a bit of) to limit population to <1% growth annually and have a financial incentive to "stop at 2" with the native population.