Sunday, December 05, 2010

NYC historical photos - but from whom?

Aerial view of midtown Manhattan looking west from the East River
July 1944

I hope the original credits/copyright appear in the comments soon, here and/or in response to the flickr photo you can get to if you click through.

Here's another unattributed photo that I haven't found a source for. Would love to know, as I'm sure not all of these are in the public domain or creative commons. So many good photos like that are out there in the wild.

One of my favorite things about Flickr is that I can explore the creative commons photos there, and both use them and give credit where it is due.

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peterkaminski said...

Two other places it's been published (If you're near a good public or university library, you might be able to find these volumes and see if they have the photo credit. Or buy either for €20-30... :-)

Cover of German edition of Rem Koolhaas'
"Delirious New York" -

Italian architecture periodical "Edilizia Moderna", number 80, September 1963, page 89. Referenced by