Sunday, June 06, 2010


Oh, the things we find on Tumblr!


I'm back from vacation in Alaska and will write some bloggy stuff about it very soon, as soon as I rest.

That might be as soon as the SF Bay Area gets over this uncharacteristic combo of heat and humidity.


Maria said...

If you backtrack to the original source, you get a third image and the fact that it's an SUV ad:

Mary said...

Well no wonder the strata are inaccurate given the surface features. ;)

Now to make it be real cake.

Dan Satterfield said...

It's cool! Sweet even ;)
I wonder if the local folks can make me one for my Birthday??

The GeoMessenger said...

Haha *downloads picture* wouldn't mind a slice of geocake!

Oh and nice blog :) I literally just started a geography blog, it's good to see they can be successful!