Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Obama on Mount Rushmore

As I post, the Park Service is cutting down the banner. But for awhile this morning, Greenpeace managed to hang a banner on the face of Mount Rushmore (without disfiguring the monument at all) to make a visible statement about climate change.

Whatever you think about them or their methods, and whatever I do (hint: for the most part, I approve), I like that they didn't damage the monument at all, and that they were so live and visible about it at the time.

From Ustream:

(Note: That really is supposed to be Obama's face on the banner, and it was even visible as such now and then behind ustream's less-than-clear streaming quality at the time. There's only so much live datastreaming from a remote location can pull off.)

....and now an update: Treehugger has added video. Please go check out their post, too.

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