Tuesday, June 02, 2009


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SilverFox at where in the west leads me to ponder doing a regular a "where in the world?" or "where in California?" (or something else geographic, maybe not photolocation-based) but I'm not quite sure whether I have enough readers, or whether it would be at all fun. I shall continue pondering.

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Silver Fox said...

Neat sign!

I started a "Name that Place" last year - photo based - primarily for out of the way towns or villages - but only did it once.

I have been somewhat irregular at the WITW. It's kind of a way to introduce an area and then talk about it. I usually get a few responders - could announce yours on my site whenever you start something (let me know!).

There also is Where on (Google) Earth - WoGE - right now at Ron Schott's site.