Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pin the tail on the city

Tehran and Milad Tower (HDR)
Originally uploaded by arash_rk.
In response to a general question about how many people in the west (more specifically, Americans on twitter who turned their icons green) could even find Tehran on an unlabeled map, my friend Rick came up with a challenge meme, of a sort, suggesting folks start with a fully zoomed out, unlabeled google map, then zoom in toward Iran until you think you can click on exactly where Tehran is, then click, and announce what city you ended up on, if not Tehran. (If you ended up right on Tehran? Woohoo!)

So, where did you end up? If it was Tehran, how close did you zoom in before you could be precise?

Where do you come from, and what's your geography background like, or your knowledge of central Asia?

I ended up about 100 km northeast of Tehran, from just far enough above the surface that what I thought was city was bare rock.


Rick said...

I ended up in Shiraz, Iran due to an unfounded assumption that there was a country between the Caspian and Iran. Woe is me.
Still, I hit the right country, and got within 500 miles. Not that I'd want to hike that, but not bad for someone who's pretty unfamiliar with the middle east.

Christa said...

I found Neka. It's much smaller but it's hard to tell scale and I couldn't make out city from mountains until I for pretty far in on the actual Tehran area. ~150km off.