Friday, May 01, 2009

irrigation system

irrigation system
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In the middle of the summer, this area can get a tenth of an inch of rain a month. Mostly, it pours (if we're lucky) mid-winter, and is dry all summer. The occasional thundershower might punctuate the endless browning of the grass, the cracking of the clay soils. When clouds come in like they did last night, I just assume it's the marine layer, fog. But I heard raindrops on the old stovepipe in the roof this morning, looked out, and YAY! Rain! The crops are saved!

(Also: I always say "rain, the crops are saved" because of the old shampoo commercial from the seventies that no one else remembers.)

Yay, Mediterranean climate. Yay, occasional interrupting shower, so I don't have to use the brand new irrigation system today.

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