Monday, May 04, 2009

Going Meta

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I started this blog for reasons very like Anne Minard's. It took me awhile really to get going, and I go on runs for bits of time. Then other times, writing ideas fizzle or I can't think of a way to make them geographilic (for awhile, I considered having one day devoted to related sciences, such as cosmology and astronomy, or environmental advocacy, and still might), or I get incredibly busy with non-internetty things like the garden, or the big family wedding coming up, and I don't keep up. I try to front-load with posts that aren't timely, but I don't want to throw meaningless drivel up here too often, either.

I'd appreciate knowing whether you read this blog, and if so, why, and what sorts of writing here most interest you. That will help me guide further posting. There might still occasionally be photos of baked clay squids with earths on their backs, though.

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gawne said...

Yeah, I read your entries on the LJ feed. I started following the blog because I know you from there. I stay because you post good, insightful things.