Monday, February 23, 2009

Well, rats

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This is a really sweet article, but makes me a little sad, because I "invented" the word geographile, and this usage is a good 15 years before I came up with it:
After his recent presentation to the Utah Geographical Society, he gave Brad a copy of "A Geolinguistic Handbook," engraved on the cover with "Brad R. Dennis, Geographile."

They ask at the end:

- Name the 10 largest countries.

- Name the 10 smallest countries.

- Name the 10 longest rivers.

- What are the new names of these countries: British Honduras, Dahomey, Upper Volta, Cambodia, Basutoland, Ellice Islands, Northern Rhodesia, Rhodesia, Congo, Dutch Guiana.

(They also answer those questions.)

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