Thursday, April 05, 2007


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I love this photo. It's beautiful.

I am also deeply amused by this comment:

"Wow thats kinda scary having a fault line so close to people."

Guess we shouldn't discuss the Hayward Fault, which runs from bottom right to top center of this shot, or all the blind thrusts under Los Angeles, or the San Andreas up the San Francisco peninsula, or perhaps, oh, the ring of fire in general.

I don't know if I'll ever completely calm down about earthquakes, but I forgets, now and then, that along with a few million other folks within an hour's drive of me, I live almost on top of one massive fault, and within easy damage distance of three others.

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Dakiwiboid said...

I live in Missouri, where we get small shakes now and then from the New Madrid Fault. The largest earthquake I remember in my childhood made our very heavy china cabinet shudder back and forth.

I'm always amused when folks from the LA Basin area move to Missouri and get all nervous about our tornadoes, and I point out that at least our earthquakes are smaller, and that it's far less likely that the nervous individual will be buried in a mudslide or fried in one of the seasonal fires that area's so prone to, than to be hurt in a tornado!