Wednesday, February 07, 2007

And so it begins

I've had this blogger account for a long time, and mostly ignored it. My intention was to start a blog about geography, why I love it, what interests me, and how I would teach it and natural history (and the million or so associated subjects) once I have my master's degree.

I'm now back in school, working toward that goal. As I sit in class, a steady stream of ideas has been trickling through my brain. I write them down in the margins of my notebook. "Blog this," and "What about. . . .?" Then I remembered Geographile. Oh yes.

So here I am. I am going to try for four or five posts a week. If I have lazier times and busier times, I'll try to blog with pre-written filler. I will also, almost certainly, photo-blog from flickr (my own photos, and others that interest me), write the occasional geography-related book review, echo posts from Geographile on LiveJournal, and keep an active set of interesting links.

I will try not to babble.

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Martin said...

first post!